By | Mei 25, 2019

Internet Download Manager is the best download manager software for PCs and laptops. This Sotware has been proven and trusted to be able to speed up the process of downloading on the internet.

Supports various types of popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and others. So that once you download as usual, it will be immediately transferred to IDM

Speed Up Download speed
A mainstay feature, which promises you high speed when downloading through the full version IDM. Unlike downloading via a browser, the speed is generally limited, if you pass IDM the speed is unlimited.

Prevent Corrupt Download Results
Once the download results are complete, IDM will check again. If there are block files left that have the potential to damage the file

Can Pause and Resume When Downloading
When you have something and want to stop downloading for a while, it can be done at any time via the pause button. If you want to download again, just click resume

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